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Briefly, to qualify for Active membership you must fulfil these three obligations.
(1)  You must be a current or past firefighter. Call, volunteer, full time, makes no difference, or an
      EMT or Medic if you are under the control of an established fire department.
(2)  You must have a current, legal motorcycle endorsement
(3)  You must own or have access to a motorcycle.
If you meet those requirements click the Application button below


Active membership shall be available to Past or Present Firefighting personnel of an established Fire Department, which is under the command of a Fire Chief or Public Service Director whether they are Career, Industrial, Military, On Call, Part Paid, Volunteer, or Wildland and who presently own or have access to a Motorcycle and have a current legal Motorcycle endorsement. An Active member, who can no longer can ride a motorcycle may retain their active status. Emergency Medical Technicians and Medics are eligible to be members if they are employed by an established Fire Department.


Social members shall be a Spouse, Partner, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Son, Daughter, Grandchild, Brother or Sister, Father or Mother of an Active Member, Associate Member or a Member-at- Large, including of deceased members. The minimum age for a Social member shall be 16 (sixteen) years of age before joining.


Associate membership shall be offered to a person who has been proposed, in writing, for such membership and accepted in good standing and, in the opinion of a majority of the Chapter’s Executive Board, has substantially contributed to the promotion of the Club for a minimum period of six (6) months. Final approval shall be by a majority vote of the Chapter members at a meeting held at the conclusion of the six-month (6) period. 

Associate membership may also be available to any person who is an employee of a Fire department and not qualified for Active membership. This type of associate membership will be recorded as a FD Associate in the chapter and master rosters of the Organization.


To qualify for junior membership, children or Grandchildren of Active and Associate members must be under the age of sixteen (16) years. There shall be no dues collected for Junior Membership by the International and chapters shall be allowed to list such junior members on their rosters until age 16. At age 16, the junior member must switch membership and pay dues.

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